One Stop Capacity Solution

Meeting the new COVID/non-COVID capacity challenge

Capacity expansion and Optimisation

Releasing and redeploying capacity to deal with the backlog of elective surgery and diagnostics, while maintaining sufficient capacity to deal with current and future Covid-19 cases, represents the next big challenge facing hospitals.

Capacity Lifecycle offers a bespoke one-stop solution for delivering additional clinical capacity, either utilising or re-purposing existing facilities or within new modular units.

To ensure optimal efficiency across the entire patient pathway, it is necessary to look at all three inputs – capacity, demand and process – as an integrated system.

To support this, the Lifecycle team is working with ICS Insourcing to deliver a comprehensive elective pathway management service. ICS Insourcing is a trusted NHS elective care delivery partner with a range of services that
can be tailored to the needs of individual trusts.

These services include:
• demand and capacity modelling
• referral assessment
• digital by default clinical capacity that span the entire patient pathway and delivered across all high-volume specialties.

The collaboration will deliver a high degree of flexibility for trusts with the option to select an end-to-end service that encompasses the facilities as well as the operational and clinical management of the elective activity. Alternatively, trusts will have the option to procure only the physical capacity or clinical capacity options.

A one-stop solution to deliver the clinical capacity you need

From wards to waiting rooms and theatres to diagnostics, we can integrate and deliver a single solution which encompasses all aspects of your project. Working with our partners, all of whom have extensive NHS experience – including working on two recent Nightingale projects – we can design the entire solution and then implement through our proven project management expertise. From specification of requirements and equipping needs, procurement and financing of equipment and modular buildings, and even provision of fully managed clinical services. ICS Insourcing can deliver a CQC registered service that utilises your standards, pathways and protocols.