Integrated Clinical Advice Network

Unlock our access to the Integrated Clinical Advice Network

Where local clinicians are unavailable or no local coverage in a speciality, GPs can now access the Integrated Clinical Advice Network.

The Integrated Clinical Advice Network is an innovative collaboration with our partner Cinapsis.

ICS Insourcing are trusted NHS elective care delivery partners serving acute and community settings. As part of the Independent Clinical Services (ICS) group, they have access to the largest national network of consultants, nurses and AHPs.

We are collaborating to deliver several new care delivery models that are focused on integrating primary and secondary care.

Benefits of using an Integrated Clinical Advice Network

Local Pathway Knowledge

  • Local referral clinical guidance incorporated into Cinapsis
  • Comprehensive data capturing functionality with the option to design GP training and development modules

Information Shared Easily

  • Working patterns and direct-dial details are managed via the Cinapsis platform to ensure accurate routing of calls
  • All calls are recorded and a report generated for the medical record
  • Easy set-up and use for both GPs and specialist clinicians. 24-hour support from Cinapsis

Clinical Safety

  • GPs can view the consultant’s profile which is based on verified NHS scope of practice and subspecialist expertise
  • Advice is delivered by senior clinicians who are all subjected to ICS’s rigorous recruitment & compliance checks
  • GPs can provide immediate feedback following each consultation
  • Robust information & clinical governance framework

Contact any Specialty or service from a single point of access

  • Instantly connect with a consultant using instant messaging and image sharing, telephone or video call
  • Take photos with your own phone using the enhanced editing functions. Patient information is stored on the Health and Social Care Network and linked to their NHS number so that it's accessible from anywhere, on any device, securely.

How does it benefit everyone?

 “Cinapsis enables us to turn Emergency Care into Urgent Planned Care, setting up the beginning of the patient jouney for a whole range of acute medical coniditons before they even arrive at the hospital” – Dr Emma Wylie, Clinical Lead for Acute Medicine

The Patients

  • They receive faster access to specialist Advice & Guidance
  • They only attend hospital if it’s necessary and have a better experience overall

The GPs

  • Quick and easy access to specialist Advice & Guidance by telephone, video or instant messaging
  • They are enabled to deliver the right care for their patients first time

Secondary Care

  • Reduction in the number of inappropriate referrals, enabling patients who do need to attend hospital to be seen earlier


The ICAN is available immediately for both urgent and elective referrals

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm



 Acute Medicine  Gastroenterology  Oncology Ophthalmology (including image review)
Cardiology (including review of cardiac diagnostic results) General Medicine Orthopaedics (including image review)
Clinical Haematology General surgery Paediatrics
Dermatology(including image review) Gynaecology Renal Medicine
Diabetes and endocrinology Haematology Respiratory Medicine
Elderly care Mental Health Urology
ENT Neurology Vascular Surgery
 Acute Medicine
 Cardiology (including review of cardiac diagnostic results)
 Clinical Haematology
 Dermatology(including image review)
 Diabetes and endocrinology
 Elderly care
 General Medicine
 General surgery
 Mental Health
 Oncology Ophthalmology (including image review)
 Orthopaedics (including image review)
 Renal Medicine
 Respiratory Medicine
 Vascular Surgery