Ophthalmology Case Study

North West Anglia Foundation NHS Trust and ICS Insourcing worked in partnership to address their extensive ophthalmology backlog for those patients waiting to be seen in Glaucoma, Medical Retina  and Laser clinics.  


ICS Insourcing designed a delivery model that accurately reflected the local ophthalmology service to provide indistinguishable care to patients. 

The backlog was addressed  across 2 trust sites and clinics were run every weekend from both sites. 45 clinics were delivered over a 6-week period

Throughout the project:

  • 85% of booked patients attended
  • 3% cancellation by patient
  • 5% of patients DNA’d 


  • 88.6% of patients had an OCT
  • 54% of patients had a visual field

Key Achievements:

  • 95% of patients rated the quality of service excellent or very good
  • 85% of patients were seen early or on time
  • 96% of patients understood the next steps of their treatment/care

“ICS supported us to clear some of our Ophthalmology backlog. The whole team were professional and supportive throughout the whole process. All the Senior management team were great and on hand to help with any issues throughout, and any concerns I raised were quickly dealt with. Trust staff and patients gave positive feedback on the ICS clinical staff reporting they were professional and caring even during the more challenging times. It was a pleasure to work with them and we appreciated their support”.

Service Manager - Ophthalmology