About ICS Insourcing

Evidence suggests that many trusts are struggling to reduce pathway waiting times for diagnostics and Referral to Treatment (RTT). It’s now commonplace for a trust to use insourcing services instead of the more traditional solution of outsourcing patients to the independent sector.

Unlike other insourcing services, ours focuses on sustainability, offering both short-term capacity solutions and long-term solutions aimed at transforming elective pathways. The key benefits of using ICS Insourcing to provide clinical services within your trust premises are:


  1. Our commitment to optimising each patient pathway by incorporating innovations, particularly for high-volume specialties such as gastroenterology, dermatology and ophthalmology.
  2. Our outpatient services are best-in-class and offer flexible follow-up options that are proven to improve the patient experience. Additionally, we incorporate a detailed audit plan that covers:
    • Appropriate consultant to consultant referrals for incidental findings
    • Outpatient to surgery conversion rates
    • Follow-up rates
    • Peer review to ensure clinical effectiveness
  3. Our unique exit strategy is unmatched and is focused on delivering bespoke, added-value services that make the biggest impact to the local service we are supporting. For example, for those clients facing capacity shortfalls because of workforce challenges, our corporate partners at Espirita can provide workforce intelligence and workforce development consultancy.
  4. Our quality dashboard allows you to visualise and analyse contract KPIs at a glance and gives you better oversight of service governance.
  5. We are the only insourcing provider with the capability to deliver a full insourcing histopathology service.
  6. We offer unrivalled expertise in navigating the operational and clinical challenges of insourcing services to ensure the full engagement of all stakeholders within our client trusts.


Why ICS Insourcing?


ICS Insourcing comprises a dynamic combination of resources. As part of the Independent Clinical Services Group (ICS) we benefit from the infrastructure of a large organisation with over 20 years’ experience in the health and life sciences sectors. ICS is known for developing long-term, inspired partnerships with NHS organisations and it’s from this commitment to finding new and innovative ways of serving the NHS, that ICS Insourcing was born.

At ICS Insourcing, we live by a set of shared values, shown below. They represent who we are and what we stand for. They guide our actions and behaviours and influence the way we work and interact with our colleagues, and the way we serve our clients.



We are committed to developing high performance teams that are passionate about delivering high-quality care


We are relentless in looking for new and better ways of doing things


Our reputation is more important than short-term rewards. We are committed to conducting ourselves to the highest standards of integrity


We understand, adapt and respond to changes in the healthcare landscape so we can innovate and continue to provide high-quality services


To discuss our insourcing services in more detail, please contact our team. Alternatively, find out more about our services here.