About us

We support the NHS in meeting elective care targets by providing both referral management and clinical capacity solutions across primary and secondary care. As part of the ukics.com group, we benefit from the business infrastructure and experience of a large dynamic organisation with over 20 years’ NHS partnership experience.

We aspire to develop long-term strategic partnerships built on integrity and trust.  Our company purpose, vision and values shown below represent who we are and what we stand for. They guide our actions and behaviours and influence the way we work and interact with our colleagues, and the way we serve our clients.

Company purpose, vision and values 

To further the seamless integration of high-quality NHS-funded care between secondary care institutions, for the benefit of patients


Our company purpose

To be the leading provider of clinical capacity solutions with a reputation for excellence and clinical pathway innovation


Our company vision



Our company values


Sustainable solutions for waiting list management

Access our services via the following national frameworks:

Insourcing of Clinical Services Framework

Supplementary Healthcare Services

Shared Services Partnership

Our process

Service proposal

At your request, we will produce a clear, detailed proposal of the service including a commercial schedule that reflects your local income arrangements

Prince 2 project management

Following approval of proposal and framework 'call off', our clinical operations team will initiate our project mobilisation plan to ensure a consistent approach to achievement of key milestones

Stakeholder briefing

We will dive into the full scope of your requirements. We will speak with all your internal stakeholders to ensure maximum engagement

Service mapping

We will conduct a thorough mapping of your service to establish the best approach to take to service integration

Workforce optermisation

Well will select the most appropriate clinical team for your service, ensuring sub-specialty level expertise where necessary as well as a full scope of practice for each clinician in the service

Service integration

We select two band 7 nurses to act in the capacity of Service Se livery Lead on the frontline and both nurses play an active role in the mobilisation and integration of the new service as well as ongoing monitoring of our performance. You will be notified of all staff attending the service at least 2 weeks in advance and we guarantee at least 50% continuity of staff