Sustainable solutions for waiting list management

ICS Insourcing is the new force in NHS waiting list management. Our pioneering services deliver high-impact interventions to help manage demand, capacity and operational productivity. With over four million of us waiting to start elective treatment, we believe solutions need to focus on more than just clinical capacity and short-term relief. Clinical capacity is our core service and involves working in partnership with the NHS to deliver high-quality elective treatments to patients. We do this by mobilising expert teams of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to deliver clinical services on trust premises, typically at the weekends.

To help manage demand, our Clinical Assessment Service (CAS) addresses those clinical pathways where there are several potential outcomes to the initial referral. We provide specialty and subspecialty-level clinical expertise to help streamline the referral pathways, enabling patients to get to the most appropriate service.

Through our network of partners, we are able to carry out operational productivity diagnostics. This involves undertaking a thorough audit of productivity at a divisional or specialty level and producing sustainable solutions that enable lasting changes. This ensures that we are helping to build resilience into the local team.

"The NHS continues to experience an increasing demand for elective services, alongside wider system pressures. To meet this demand, we cannot simply do things quicker, or do more of the same." - Celia Ingham Clark MBE, Medical Director for Clinical Effectiveness NHS England